TI 830

Replacement receiver for SET 830 S, SET 830-TV
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Take the TI 830 as a replacement transmitter for the TV listening systems Set 830 S, Set 830-TV.

The Set 830 S / Set 830-TV is an infra-red stereo TV assistive listening system. The set enables assistive listening anywhere in the room without the need for cables and without disturbing others. Directly connectable to a TV, hi-fi system or radio, the Set 830 S / Set 830-TV guarantees outstanding sound quality, which, for example, thanks to treble emphasis, can be customised to the listener's hearing.


  • Replacement transmitter for Set 830 S, Set 830-TV

  • Outstanding customised stereo sound

  • Three selectable hearing settings on the transmitter: optimised speech intelligibility thanks to switchable compression and treble emphasis

  • Treble emphasis can be individually set

  • Cordless mobility of up to 12 m within a room thanks to the infra-red transmission

  • Integrated charging compartment in transmitter for spare battery

Kassen indeholder

  • Receiver TI 830

Tekniske data

  • Mål
    Transmitter: 112 x 146 x 58mm
  • Audiotilslutning
    3.5mm stereo jack plug
  • Max. SPL
    125 dB
  • THD v. 1 kHz
    < 1 % (1 kHz)
  • Vægt
    Transmitter: 260g
  • Rækkevidde
    up to 12m
  • Microphone connector
    3.5mm, same plug as audio-XLR connector
  • Signal/støjforhold
    typ. 75 dB(A)
  • Driftstid
    Receiver: up to 12h
  • Modulation
    FM Stereo
  • Carrier frequencies
    2.3/2.8 MHz
  • Farve