Dette er dit crew.

2020 er et spændende år for os: Sennheiser fylder 75!

Det bedste fra 75 år

Gratis onlinewebinarer #DontStopTheEducation

Gratis onlinewebinarer #DontStopTheEducation

Præsenteret af Sennheiser Sound Academy og gæster Mere


Sometimes, life takes an unexpected turn. This is also true for our anniversary year: Since the beginning of the year the corona virus has affected everyday life in more and more countries. For us this means: Instead of many happy meetings with you, our customers and the Sennheiser fans, trade shows and events were canceled, and we had to temporarily close our offices in China. Now, we are taking precautionary measures at our headquarters in Germany and further locations. But somehow this situation also binds us together closely with our colleagues all around the world. Because no matter where – at home office, in divided groups at the office or in separated shifts in our production – we still work on creating very special sound experiences and unique moments. For you – wherever you are. #ThisIsYourSennheiserCrew

This month in Sennheiser history – November 2008:

Sometimes the Future of Audio is too soon.
In 2008, we discovered that being a bit ahead of time doesn't always work out. We created the first true wireless earbuds – the ‘Sennheiser MX W1 Wireless Earphones System with Transmitter’ but the audience was hesitant about them.

The #MXW1 transmitted audio to each earpiece without compression and provided high-quality audio in a compact form factor that eliminated the need for cables, using a 2.4GHz frequency band. They needed a special transmitter that had to be attached into the device (mobile phones at that time).
They were created for telephone calls, targeting businessmen using them at work. However, we soon realized that people’s main use was for private audio and music purposes.
We sold them only for one year, as Bluetooth was not a big thing at that time and sales of the MX W1 weren’t impressive. But times can change, and so can needs.

Fast forward 10 years and Bluetooth earbuds are the fastest growing segment in consumer audio. Now our MOMENTUM True Wireless and CX 400BT earbuds are the right products at the right time - thus proving that the future of audio is ever-present. Jump back in time with the MX W1.

This month in Sennheiser history – November 2008:


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