HME 26

Broadcast headset: condenser microphone (omni-directional)
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The closed and supra-aural headsets HME 26 are lightweight and designed for use in studio applications at TV and Radio. The headphones are dimensioned for high maximum SPL. HME 26 provides high wearing comfort in combination with a good noise attenuation. All variants of HME 26 for Broadcast are equipped with ActiveGard which protects the user from volume peaks.

The omni-directional condenser microphone satisfies with perfect acoustic performance and ensures linear frequency response. The gooseneck microphone can be used either on left or right-hand side. The microphone boom allows an individual adjustment at the right position.


  • Lightweight

  • Extremely comfortable to wear, even for extended listening, due to the two-piece automatic headband and soft ear pads

  • Single-sided cable routing

  • Headphones for high maximum SPL

  • ActiveGard (switchable) - safeguards you from volume peaks above 105 dB

  • "Flip-away" headphone allows single-sided listening

  • Pre-polarized condenser microphone (omni-directional) with linear frequency response

  • Flexible microphone boom, can be worn on either left or right-hand side

  • Muting of microphone once mic position is upright

  • Cable, microphone boom and ear pads can be changed easily due to modular concept

  • Warranty 2 years

Kassen indeholder

  • Headset
  • Cable clip
  • Wind- and pop screen
  • User manual

Tekniske data

  • Impedans
    300 Ohm mono / 600 Ohm stereo
    50 Ohm mono / 100 Ohm stereo
  • Farve
  • Vægt
    Without cable: ~ 200 g
  • Temperatur (opbevaring)
    -55 °C à +70 °C
  • Temperatur (drift)
    -15 °C à +55 °C
  • Operating voltage (stand alone)
    CC 5 V - 15 V


  • Frekvensområde (hovedtelefoner)
    40 - 20000 Hz
  • Transducer-princip
    pre-polarized condenser microphone, omni-directional
  • Output voltage
    4 mV/Pa ± 2,5 dB


  • Frekvensområde (hovedtelefoner)
    20 - 18000 Hz
  • Max. SPL
    127 dB SPL at 1kHz, 200mW (ActiveGard™ Switched off)
  • Characteristic SPL
    105 dB
  • THD v. 1 kHz
    < 0,5 %
  • Transducer-princip
    dynamic, closed


  • Can I power a HME 26 headset from a body pack transmitter?

    The HME 26 capsule wants to see between 8 and 15 V DC to operate. The SK 100 body pack can supply 10 V. To power the HME 26 from an SK 100 body pack the cable of the HME 26 must be terminated in the standard 3.5 mm connection (ie: tip is hot and the ring and sleeve are tied together and grounded).

    NOTE: You cannot use a standard CM1 mic cable plugged into a HME 26 headset with the MZA 900 P (48v phantom power adaptor) as it does not function correctly because the MZA 900P needs to get 48v Phantom Power to function.

    HME 26-600S ( #502469 )


  • Div.
  • Instruktionsmanual
    • Betjeningsvejledning HMx26 Broadcast (610 KB) Download

      Manual for HMD 26-II, HMDC 26-II, HME 26-II and HD 26 PRO