MKH 70-1
Let long gun-mikrofon. Særligt egnet til mikrofon placeret på afstand. Frekvens-uafhængig retningsvirkning forhindrer forstyrrende farvning fra off-axis-lydkildeområdet. Usædvanlig lav iboende egenstøj.

MKH 70-1
Varenummer 003149

The MKH 70 is a lightweight long gun microphone. Its excellent directivity is particularly suited to applications undertaken in difficult conditions, such as high background noise and distance microphone positioning. Its frequency-independent directivity prevents sound colouration from off-axis sound sources.

  • Exceptionally low inherent self-noise

  • Transformerless and fully floating balanced output

  • Infra-sonic cut-off filter

  • Symmetrical transducer technology ensures extremely low distortion

  • Switchable pre-attenuation, switchable roll-off filter and switchable treble emphasis

  • Rugged and weather-proof

  • Black, anodised light metal body

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  • EU-overensstemmelseserklæringen
    • EU Declaration of conformity MKH series (220 KB) Download

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    • Product specification MKH 70 (120 KB) Download

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    • Instruction manual MKH 70 (880 KB) Download

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