ME 4
Lille clip-on mikrofon med nyrekarakteristik, særlig velegnet til tale i støjende omgivelser. Feedback-undertrykkelse og høj taleforståelighed. Let at fastgøre på tøjet.

DKK 969.00
inkl. moms – gratis forsendelse
ME 4
Varenummer 005020
ME 4
DKK 969.00
inkl. moms – gratis forsendelse

The ME 4 is a sub-miniature clip-on lavalier microphone which is suitable for speech applications in noisy environment. Itis equipped with a cardioid capsule and has therefore a high feedback rejection.

Colour: matt black.

  • High speech intelligibility

  • High feedback rejection

  • Easy attachment on clothing

  • Mini jack for bodypack transmitters from evolution wireless series

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  • 1 ME 4-N cardioid lavalier microphone
  • 1 clip

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+45 70 26 66 33


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