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The customizable, easy-to-use MobileConnect App connects your audience to your entire MobileConnect system using the smartphone in their pockets. The receiver for listening to MobileConnect audio streams and a personal talk-back microphone raise the bar on discreet audio accessibility.

The customizable, easy-to-use app connects your audience to your entire MobileConnect system using the smartphone in their pockets. It receives all MobileConnect audio streams and includes a personal talk-back microphone feature. These features eliminate shared-equipment hygiene concerns while raising the bar on discreet audio accessibility and inclusion.

Every audio stream can be secured and easily accessed with a scannable QR code or pin code. Users navigate the channel list, search for their preferred stream, and select it. No matter where they are in the room, they’ll enjoy high-quality hearing assistance via Unicast audio stream with latency as low as 25 ms, depending on the network and device used. And because users have customizable audio control, they can optimize their listening experience.

The app is also customizable to meet the administrators’ and participants’ listening and navigation preferences, which includes personalized onboarding screens and customized app design. The app is even optimized for Screen Reader Support, offering additional accessibility to those with vision loss.

Download (iOS): Link

Download (Android): Link

  • Assistive and personal listening over an existing WiFi network

  • Enjoy clear and precise audio quality anywhere in the room

  • Bring Your Own Device

  • Bi-directional communication through personal iOS and Android devices

  • No equipment sharing eliminates hygienic concerns

  • Unicast audio streaming with as little as 25 ms latency*, depending on the network and device used

  • QR-Code Scanner and pin codes offer secure access to streaming channels

  • Intuitive, individually customizable app design

  • Administrator-personalized onboarding screens

  • Easy-to-navigate channel list with a convenient search function

  • Screen reader support for people with vision loss

  • Free for participants with no registration required

    *Average is 40-60 ms.


For the most up-to-date FAQ, as well as other useful information covering all things MobileConnect, please visit MobileConnect Documentation App.

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