Reclaim your office

Take control and stay focused in noisy open office environments with the MB 660. By reducing background noise, you can revitalize your office and improve concentration.

Meet the MB 660

Create a disruption free-workspace

Open offices have their challenges – and sometimes it’s even hard to work at work… time to reclaim your office!

“The only headset I need”

Oticon asked Sennheiser if the MB 660 headset could help them be more productive in their busy open offices.

Oticon case study

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Oticon approached Sennheiser to see if the MB 660 headset, with adaptive active noise cancellation, could solve their challenges and help...


Experience Sennheiser

This sound demo allows you to experience MB 660’s innovative ANC technology:

  • Choose office, cafe, or in-flight environment
  • Switch ANC on/off and experience between voice/music
  • Adjust the volume to experience the differences

For the best experience, we suggest using headphones.

  • Office
  • Café
  • In-flight

Can't work at work?

This infographic shows how you can thrive from merely surviving with MB 660.

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Reclaim your office

This white paper takes you through the benefits of using active noise cancellation (ANC) headsets and how you can reclaim your office with Sennheiser MB 660.

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