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Hovedbøjlemikrofon med stållederkabel og speciel tilslutning. Til alle krævende sang- og taleanvendelser. Udstyret med en yderst robust kondensatormikrofonkapsel MKE 2 med kuglekarakteristik.

The HS 2 is a headset microphone with a very robust steel wire cable for connection to wireless bodypack transmitters. It features the omni-directional MKE 2 Gold capsule and meets the highest demands on sound quality and robustness. The condenser microphone can easily be brought into the optimum position by the interplay of the small capsule and a short gooseneck. The HS 2 is equally suitable for voice and speech transmission.

  • MKE 2 Gold capsule for excellent sound

  • Easy handling and rugged construction

  • Suitable for singers and speakers alike

  • Available in black or beige with 3-pin special connector, 3,5 mm Jack plug or open cable ends.

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  • HS 2
  • Short cap: MZC 2-1
  • Long cap: MZC 2-2
  • Manual

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