Transcom experienced Sennheiser

Why Transcom chose Sennheiser

“We embarked on the search for a better headset to replace our current one because Transcom is also undergoing significant growth,” explains Joep Kaiser. As Facility Manager, Kaiser was responsible for the selection process for a new headset for the company.

“We prepared a range of tests for the various candidates, which included Sennheiser. We gave groups of ten employees different headsets to test in terms of factors such as ambient noise reduction, comfort and sound quality. Certain criteria – such as how the headset sounds and how the noise-cancelling microphone performs – are particularly important to us so we assigned double points to these.” When we applied this set of criteria, the Sennheiser headset proved to be the best for Transcom.

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Why Transcom chose Sennheiser

Improved customer contact and productivity

“Customer contact has definitely improved,” explains team leader Kor Boelsma. “The fact that you can understand the customer perfectly, makes the conversation a lot more natural. Previously, you were more concerned with trying to understand what the customer was saying but this is no longer necessary. You can be engaged in the conversation and busy with the system at the same time, enabling you to help the customer all in one go.”

As the agents no longer have to worry about hearing and understanding their customers properly, it means they can do more things at once, which in turn makes calls shorter, thereby improving productivity.

“The headset definitely has an impact on my productivity,” says Jessica Wiffers. As an agent, she is able to focus more on the customer and is less distracted by ambient noise. “I find the sound quality extremely good, which makes it a lot more pleasant for me and allows me to stay focused on the customer. I am fully in the conversation and can shut out everything and everyone around me.”

Improved customer contact and productivity


“The contact we had with Sennheiser also went smoothly,” says Kaiser. “I was given help from all sides. At one point, Sennheiser came forward with a number of proposals itself, which ultimately ensured that the Sennheiser headset performed well.”


Company: Transcom
Location: Groningen, the Netherlands
No. of employees: approx. 1100
Headsets: SC 660



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