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SDW 5000
Meet the Future Prepared
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Future-proof flexibility
The new Sennheiser SDW 5000 wireless DECT headset Series lives up to the promise of a truly mobile, collaborative workplace and is designed with the future’s business communication in mind.

SDW 5016 - Connects to softphone/PC, desk phone and mobile phone.

SDW 5015 - Connects to softphone/PC and desk phone.
Superior sound

Successful communication is the key to an efficient business. The SDW 5000 Series sets a new sound standard with super wideband audio, offering a sound experience beyond conventional business standards. Two microphone noise-cancelling system and pioneering voice detection technology deliver exceptional sound for improved speech intelligibility in noisy environments.

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Total flexibility

Answer all calls from a single device. With up to triple connectivity for softphone/PC, desk phone and mobile devices. Use the base station as a gateway to your preferred audio sources. With a choice of three FlexFit™ wearing styles – a headband, ear hook and neckband solution, SDW 5000 series delivers a perfect customized fit.

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Enhanced security

Security is a primary concern for a company’s IT manager. DECT Security certified, the SDW 5000 Series’ enhanced security features 128-bit authentication and industry-leading Protected Pairing technology to keep communication confidential. The USB port for Bluetooth® can be disabled in restricted areas.

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Higher productivity

Smart features make seamless collaboration and communication super-efficient as the headset and base station controls deliver easy call management. Naturally, the SDW 5000 series is UC optimized and certified for Skype for Business. You can even charge your mobile from the USB port.

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A new standard
The SDW 5000 wireless DECT headset series is one of the first professional communication and collaboration systems to support the next generation of audio – super wideband. This lets the SDW 5000 Series deliver rich a rich and detailed audio experience that goes beyond conventional business standards.
  • Narrowband
  • Wideband
  • Super Wideband

Meet the SDW 5000

Modern office workers require mobility in the office and the ability to hold ad hoc collaborative meetings. Using multiple devices and often sitting at different desks, today’s knowledge workers demand a flexible, personal communication solution that simply works. SDW 5000 helps them meet the future prepared with the ultimate business communication tool.

  • All your devices connect seamlessly through one single headset system.
  • Super wideband sound for a voice experience beyond conventional business standards
  • Advanced security protocols keep your conversations confidential.
Meet the SDW 5000

  • Total Flexibility

    • Manage all calls from one headset with triple connectivity to computer, desk and mobile phone.

      Maximum flexibility via the base station – connect a Sennheiser Bluetooth headset or a wired headset/speakerphone, according to your needs

      Perfect customized fit with the FlexFit system, offering 3 wearing style solutions. Choose between headband, ear hook or neckband.

      Total Flexibility
  • Superior Sound

    • Super wideband sound provides crisp and natural sound beyond conventional business standards

      Exceptional speech intelligibility with two microphone noise-cancelling system and pioneering voice detection technology

      Excellent sound in high density environments with high density wideband mode

      Superior Sound
  • Higher Productivity

    • Optimized for major UC brands and certified for Skype
      for Business

      Full workday of talk time – up to 10 hours‘ narrowband

      Fast charging with 50 % battery in just 30 minutes

      Undisturbed calls with a busy light on the headset. A busy light for the desk is available as an accessory.

      Long distance wireless range – up to 180 m/ 590 ft with line of sight

      Higher Productivity
  • Enhanced Security

    • Enhanced security with Protected Pairing, 128 bit authentication and DECT Security certification to keep all conversations confidential

      Easy configuration and management for IT managers with Sennheiser HeadSetup™ Pro Manager

      Enhanced Security
Make yourself understood
Clear, natural sound is vital to effective communication between caller and listener. Two microphones pick up the clearest voice signal to improve intelligibility. In combination, this results in better, more natural sounding conversations where no important details are lost and listening fatigue is reduced.
  • DECT (One microphone)
  • SDW 5000 (Two microphones)
For the modern office worker who uses desk phone, softphone/PC and mobile devices.

Super wideband audio and two-microphone system give exceptional sound.
For the modern office worker who uses softphone/PC and desk phone.

Super wideband audio technology and two-microphone system give exceptional sound.

Enhanced security features keep conversations confidential.

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Enhanced security features keep conversations confidential.

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(Optional BTD 800 dongle accessory adds a mobile connection.)

SDW 5000 Headset Trial

Please note that Sennheiser reserves the right to qualify the incoming requests.